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Please answer!
shiny fishy

The word "penis":

Cheery! Giggly wonderfulness! Say it! Penis penis penis!
Clinical... please don't say that during sex. Really, no.

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i'm really somewhere more in the middle... it's not a *terrible* thing to say, but there's better.

...maybe if i was topping/domming someone, *then* i could use it?

(cause yeah, i'm so dom. uh huh)

but yeah, i like "cock" or "dick" better. :]

I feel the same way. Ria feels very strongly about it though so we wanted to know what people thought.

She makes really weird faces when she says cock and dick

I like it, but I'm the sort of person who finds polysyllabic words sexy.

"Perhaps we could copulate vigorously? Verily, verily, madamouselle!" Interesting note: the major online thesauruses do not have an entry for "penis."

ha! well now that IS interesting. slang and smaller thesauruses do tho.

I mean, I think it's a hilarious word. Not necessarily clinical, but someone saying, "I'm going to put my penis in you," would make me laugh more than turn me on. Or, "My penis is so hard." Hilarious!

That's what "cock" and "dick" are for.

I do usually laugh when i hear the word, but I don't care to hear it during sex... especially with a girl... yeah

I should mention that I heard it last night during, um, extracurricular activities, so clearly it gets said!

I didn't know which to pick, so I asked Esther, and she said "both" without hesitation.

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