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A Day In The Life

Where nothing can be taken for granted, and nothing is what it seems.

10 April
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Bio update #3 (11/2006)
Wow...so my bio sucks. i stopped going to the Y and lost like 20 lbs just by the way. I'm applying to UC Santa Cruz, my top choice. blargh....I like ...sleep. Yeah I like sleep.

Bio part 2
What i wrote below is from when i originally signed up for my LJ account. Im not as much of a conformist as it makes me seem. in fact, i believe that myspace is the devil (even though i have an account...but i dont use it), and i think LJ is the best thing that has happened to me in terms of keeping a record of my own life.

About myself: im not too sporty, but ive recently joined the Y in an effort to actually gain some muscle tone. I go backpacking and love being outdoors. I grew up in the eastbay and most of those years were/are in berkeley where i still live and will live util i go to college in a few years. I went to public school my whole life except a waldorf preschool where i met my best friend. for the first 2 years of highschool i went out with one guy, who i was very much in love with and am still befriended with.He is so far the only boyfriend ive had, though i hope to change that REALLY soon. I hope to go to UCSC and study some science. ive realy taken a liking to forensic anthropology and ive always been interested in science but im not as good at matha as i should be.

yeah thats me...oh yeah and i make strange squeeky noises alot.

and now the old statement:
well ive decided to conform to the cult.i previously used ujournal quite loyaly, but becuase the majority of my friends use LJ, i decided to conform. if you want to know anything else about me then just read my fucking journal.

i have a horrible tendancy to use hypebole
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